Services and focus

We have been supporting public, commercial and industrial projects in the life sciences industry for over 20 years. During this time, numerous technology centers, research, laboratory and production buildings for biotechnology, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry were successfully developed and implemented. Through many years of work in this heavily regulated environment, special expertise has been acquired, which makes the office a valuable partner in the development and implementation of such projects.

Architectural Services

Layout development, design and approval planning

Project Development

Formation of the project basis and definition of the project goals

Project Management

Supervision and coordination to ensure the project goals

Additional Services

Offering additional services completes our service offer


The design and engineering of complex projects requires a holistic and comprehensive consideration of all regulatory and technical requirements as well as the functional aspects. We develop layouts, the basic design and approval planning and support the design and engineering processes with our expertise!


Project preparation, establishing a basis and project development serve the purpose of analysis of needs, safeguarding feasibility and defining project aims. Extensive project preparation is the cornerstone of successful building projects. We lay cornerstones!


Project management and control during all phases of project development and implementation to ensure the project objectives. We will guide your project to success!